Trinity Corporate Services opererà in Svizzera attraverso un nuovo ufficio

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Trinity Corporate Services, with over 40 years of experience, specialises in company formation and business setup solutions in Dubai – UAE. Trinity has been providing professional advice to entrepreneurs, companies and start-ups who want to establish a presence in the UAE. Now also from Lugano.

The UAE is one of the best areas where to set up a new business or register a branch of an existing company. The country, one of the most advanced and welcoming in the Middle East, has been active in economic, financial and social policies that support the entry of international investors into its market. That has triggered great interest from all over the world.

Some of the advantages as follows:

- no tax applied on company profit;
- no taxation on personal income
- no taxation on the payment of dividends, corporate interests and royalties;
- one of the major business hubs with easy access to the Middle East and Asia
- no commercial barrier in GCC countries thanks to a 5% custom duty, applied only at the first entry of goods in one of the GCC
- 5% VAT applied only to internal transactions.

In addition, Dubai is a smart city, multi-ethnic, with a very high level of security ensuring a multicultural and dynamic lifestyle.

Another key strength is the possibility of obtaining a 2/3-year Residence Visa when a new company is registered in the UAE: a great incentive for those wishing to start their own business in the country. In fact, consequently to the registration of a company, is it possible to get a 2-3 years Residence Visa, depending on the Emirate/Free trade zone. Registration costs are extremely attractive and start at less than USD 10,000.

To meet the needs of its international customers, Trinity Corporate Services has opened a new office in Lugano, in the elegant setting of Palazzo Gargantini. The office will be a branch of Dubai's historical headquarters and will be offering direct advice and providing immediate assistance to European clients. Whoever is interested in looking for in-depth information on internationalisation can get the same without the necessity of flying to the UAE.

In case of some Free Trade Zones, it will even be possible, to complete the whole registration process of your UAE company directly in Lugano.

This new service offers a great advantage to whoever is approaching the UAE market from Europe or the West in general. The same competent and high-quality services a few steps away from your location!

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